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8 definitions by RizZ

Extreme pooing. Uncontrolled and without warning. Can also be associated with wetness and loud noises. Can be violent or explosive.
Your face smells like fucking diarrhea
by Rizz March 07, 2005
337 130
What I am apparently
My name is rizz, oh look, I rool as well. Yey for me.
by rizz March 26, 2005
10 9
he's my host and my whore.
he gives me free webspace.
by RizZ January 17, 2005
3 2
a phourmi is a mutant ant which lives in bern (CH)! he's natural enemy is the "shirüü"!
u can use it for "chili con phourmi"!
by rizz December 04, 2003
0 0
oker is a dickhead who thinks he's cool for taking down autorune.org
'a fag who is kryptics gay sex buddy'
by RizZ September 28, 2004
7 10
a shirüü is an anti-phourmi! his roots are in "neuchatel" and it's in the same family like the alcool!
look @ mcdonalds for "glaces" and u'll c 1!
by rizz December 04, 2003
1 12
When you an object(usually a ball or foot) comes into contact with your sac. This creates an internal "bubble" within your balls causing excruciating pain and discomfort. These sac bubbles are common among guys who enjoy kicking each oher in the sac.
Fuck this sac bubble won't pop!
by Rizz March 07, 2005
13 27