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3 definitions by Ritzzy

The worst game ever that gets 3 year olds addicted to the computer.
Garry: Hwey Jhonny you should twy WebKinz its swo awsome I spwent nweinty fwive houwers on it wonce!
Johnny: Erm.... I think i'll pass you little kid that has no life.
by Ritzzy January 22, 2008
The worst game ever with too many hackers. Trust me, I used to play, spent a lot of money on it, moved furni to my other account, get hacked and password changed, other account with furni in it banned. But since I quit I have many more friends now. If you are going to try out this game, DON'T!
Bob: Hey you wanna go play some soccer outside?
Johnny: Sorry, i'm busy playing falling furni on habbo. And after that, i'm going to spend the 1000 coins I bought.
Bob: You suck you have no life I don't want to be your friend anymore.
Johnny: What the hell!? Don't leave me! I will play soccer after I complete 70 hours worth of tasks on Habbo!
<5 months later>
Johnny: No!!!! My password got changed and all my rooms got deleted and all of my furni is taken plus all of my 500 friends on my list were deleted! I quit!
<1 year later and Johnny has lots of friends>
Johnny: So glad I quit habbo!
by Ritzzy January 22, 2008
A popular internet abbreviation that can be used for the sentences "laugh out loud" or "lots of laughing." This can also be the abbreviation for a popular internet video called Legend of Link.
Person1: LOL!
Person2: Dude why did you say lol I never said anything funny.
Person1: I know, i'm just obsessed with saying LOL!
by Ritzzy May 15, 2008