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An abbreviation of follower. Plural = f'ers. Looks funny because people tend to read it as 'fucker'. Used a fair bit on Tumblr.
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by Rina Lam December 06, 2011
Where the fandom often pretends that the writers got it wrong.
Irene: "I wrote some fanfiction where Fred Weasley survived the Battle of Hogwarts and he and George move their shop to Hogsmeade."
Benita: "That's not what happened in the books."
Irene: "Er, yeah. That is why it is FANFICTION."
Benita: "Oh, right."
by Rina Lam October 11, 2011
A word used to replace 'klutz' (or 'clutz'). It has the same definition of being a clumsy person and is derived from the character of Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter books who was "dead clumsy".
Sister: *walks into supermarket and knocks over a shelf of canned soups* "Crap! I'm sorry.
Brother: *sighs* "You're such a tonks."
by Rina Lam October 12, 2011
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