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Mainly used for the sexiest of guys with the best personality, humor and looks. The sweetest and most considerate of all guys who can also be very lazy but in a super cute way and knows how to be romantic. Plus loves you for you and is super intelligent knowing exactly what he wants.
person #1: omg hes so sexy
person #2: well duh hes a damiene

Damiene + Ria = <3
by Rii February 05, 2010
A combination of the french word "Vendredi" meaning "Friday" and "Laundry". The Friday you start your laundry, sometimes being finished over the course of the weekend.

Most busy people only have this time available to do laundry, due to a hectic weekday schedule, and usually things to do on the weekends as well.
Mark: Hey want to go clubbing tonight?
Jack: I can't man, it's Laundredi.

"Crap! I have a tournament this Friday. Laundredi will have to be pushed to next week."

Jen: Gee, Alice, you've got a huge laundry pile!
Alice: Yeah, with work and midterms I've been busy. I'll probably do it Laundredi.
by rii March 29, 2013

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