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Emoticon for being hungover or tired from a night of partying
Rick cell: good times last night! How are feeling today?

Heidi's response: o}-<
by Ricky Kash March 16, 2010
A piece of information that has been presented as truth but is false or unproven. Ficts can be presented intentionally or through complete ignorance. The opposite of a fact.
Today I learned a very interesting fict: the urban dictionary is used by ivy league professors more often than any other reference.
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
The male arous-o-meter emoticon
to express sexual interest:
3=o somewhat interested
3==o moderately interested
3===o showing extreme interest
Hot exgirlfriend: I'm bringing your fn stuff back and if you even say one word to me I'll file a restraining order against you.
Dumbass boyfriend: 3==o
by Ricky Kash March 16, 2010
(noun)People who seemingly cannot function without the aid of a computer and as a result clog up social sites with useless spam-like content. This content often refers to farms, fishbowls, mob wars etc. The word is derived from Stephen Hawkings the quantum theorist regarded by many to be the smartest person in the world. However the reference is to fact that he relied on his computer to communicate due to a debilitating illness.
"I haven't been on facebook in a while because I have a couple of Hawkings filling the thing with a bunch of farmville wars crap"
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
The act of licking the screen of your iPhone in order to clean it
The best way to clean your iPhone while driving is with an iWash.
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
An aquaintance on facebook who, through over activity, is starting to become annoying but has not risen to the level of a full blown zit.
What's with Jen and farmville lately? I think she is becoming a pimple but maybe it's because she's new to farmville.
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
An aquaintance who has clearly become annoying on facebook overposting with material for which there is virtually no response. This can often result in an awkward discomfort for the victim. Obviously a cheap play on the words face and zit.
Yeah, you know I tried to give Jen the benefit of the doubt on the farmville thing but she's gone off the deep end and half the time I have no idea what she's talking about. She's a total zit and I'm breaking out the clearasil!
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
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