61 definitions by Ricky

germs left behind from the sexual pleasuring of the vagina
dammit! shit! there are pussy cooties all over my floor!
by ricky December 28, 2004
1. An intergection used in a joyous celebration.
2. An adjective used to describe something with a lot of hooziness
1. Hoozah, crispy cream donuts!
2. Delicious, you are totally hoozah.
by Ricky February 27, 2004
acronym for "desperate attention whore". Used on the internet.
Why is your skirt so short ? You're being a DAW dawg.
by Ricky February 13, 2004
Same as isn't it. Derby area.
That's a cool car intit.
by Ricky December 13, 2004
An alternative word to "head", derived from the Football Factory
I'll head straight down the hospital,
~Everything alrite Fred?
Its me brother Terry, sum1's just done him round the cannister with a cricket bat
by ricky February 20, 2005
awesome, radical, tubuleur
dude, giving me that ride was totally dudly of you.
by ricky March 07, 2003
when a guy farts in someones face and than gets his salad tossed, refers to homosexuals
That fag had a baked manwich for dinner.
by Ricky March 05, 2003
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