61 definitions by Ricky

the act of getting an erection.
that dude popped a chubby right in the middle of class!
by ricky January 18, 2004
A hot indian chick who lives in New York, was born on February 28, 1987, and loves music
Rishina is the coolest
by Ricky June 21, 2004
tones that are refered to as "def", which is an old hip-hop slang word for "good"
Man, those are some def tones!
by Ricky March 09, 2004
acronym for "oh my hell". Used on the interent.
I just watched an MTV Osbournes Marathon - 10 episodes in a row OMH!
by Ricky January 30, 2004
a waud of saliva combined with boogers.
he hawked a lugi on my shirt!
by ricky January 18, 2004
An italian name which most people can not pronounce cause they are retarted but it means an italian that likes to party
"That guy is always clubbing he must be a Colosimo"
by Ricky March 13, 2004
to long to be shorts, to short to be pants.
that idiot is wearing shpants.
by ricky January 18, 2004
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