61 definitions by Ricky

The ability to bake delicious cookies using magic.
He's fantastic. I hope some of his hooziness will rub off on me.
by Ricky February 27, 2004
A person who is in every measure, deficient, unsatisfactory, or incompetent
Denver Broncos QB Jake Plummer is a complete jackmouth
by Ricky August 19, 2004
A quick, sharp pain at the base of your penis
I think I have a lounch right now...oww
by ricky March 07, 2003
Used to describe a partners cavity that has been ejaculated into; resulting semen to cover the inside of the cavity walls.
I blew deep in that chick. You gave her a glaze cave?
by RiCKY March 07, 2016
A name that you caan call some one who fucks a pie
Hey did you hear what that kid did last night instead of his girlfriend? He's a fuckin piepusher!
by ricky July 05, 2004
The act of nutting in your own mouth and releasing the semen in another's anus.
Derek loved the whole process of defelching.
by Ricky January 29, 2004
PWN = Owned, it was a word "created" by WarCraft. When you were to beat someone on WarCraft, they would say "The opponent got pwned". It was a typo, they actually meant for it to say "The opponent got owned"
"The opponent got pwned"
by Ricky January 24, 2004
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