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Moving ones bowels.


Taking a shit.

Other ways of saying it: Banging a deuce, bang out a deuce.

Excuse me guys, I got to go bang a deuce.
by Rick0307 September 20, 2006
The act in which an indvidual feels compelled to greet a co-worker everytime he/she is passed in the hallway or row of cubicles; however, after the 3rd or so paqss no audible greeting comes out. The mouth only opens and closes like the mouth of a puppet.
Jim had said "Hello" to me 14 times that morning already, so by the time I passed him in the afternoon I could only muster up puppet-mouth.
by Rick0307 September 22, 2006
1. The sound one makes after being told an extremely bad, old and/or corny joke.

2. A way to describe an old, obvious and/or corny joke.

Derived from the trumpet sound from the golden age cartoons after a very obvious joke or gag was performed.
Example 1:
Roger made so many bad plays on words, in leiu of calling himself "funny" he called himself, "Punny."

The crowd responded with a "WHANT WAH!"

Example 2:
The joke was so bad it was referred to as a "whant wah" joke.
by Rick0307 September 20, 2006
Taking a picture of yourself while sitting on the toilet.
Gwen didn't believe that I was taking a shit, so I snapped a #bowlie and posted it to Facebook.
by Rick0307 August 27, 2014

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