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5 definitions by Rick Swank

A phrase often shouted out when someone in the room busts ass, "farts", letting the person know whom farted to go touch a door knob before everyone beats the shit out of him.
WTF is that smell, door knob!!
by Rick Swank August 12, 2005
151 61
Any person who is trying to hide their balding scalp with long strands of hair combed in one direction.
I don't know why he doesn't just wear a wig his comb over looks like shit.
by Rick Swank August 11, 2005
63 19
One who is larger than they should be.
Having exessive body mass.
OMG look at that gargantuan over there, she could eat you in one bite.
by Rick Swank August 12, 2005
17 10
One who has weapontry hidden under their clothing and people know about it.
Shit dawg he be pakkin major heat, we best head for the hills.
by Rick Swank August 11, 2005
3 1
Any thing that is larger than large. Something or someone that is entirely too large.
A large object that one must stare in awww.
I walked in a bar and there was a genourmous lady sitting there, and all of a sudden the chair she was sitting on gave way.
When seeing the genourmous bug on her shirt I screamed like a little girl.
by Rick Swank August 11, 2005
2 2