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A man's asshole when used as a vagina, or for butt hole love.
He pounded my mangina with a penchant, until it began to blossom like a delicate spring flower.
by Richie333 March 27, 2007
Another name for a possum.
She says: (as she points) Zthat a sugar pig?
He says: Naw, he's justa baby pig pie.
by Richie333 March 23, 2007
Oh yes; you definetely need to acquire some of that goodness for yourself.
(Oh my stars) That is just, what you need!
Why, That's right up your alley!
Oh My glory — that sounds (delightfully) just like you.
Yo sucka, I got ta gets me sum o'dat"
Several lovely African-American girls walking away from an ATM (after an unsucessful visit) spot a rich-looking white boy getting into his BMW (after visiting the ATM). One girl says to the other, "Well, There you go Miss Mama".
by Richie333 March 16, 2007
A type of potatoes prepared at Shakey's restaurants:

Used in TV commercials (in conjunction with deep dish pizza advertising),
"...and how 'bout those Mojo potatoes..."
by Richie333 March 20, 2007
An abbreviation for specific Asian/English phrasiology, meaning: "I am so..."
Often used, as in, "OH, ISO HORNEY!"
by Richie333 April 07, 2007

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