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When two or more women perform oral sex on one man.
"Oh man the other night my girl was going down on me in the living room and her roommate walked in and was all turned on so i said "Go ahead, join in, its a regular Ding-Dong Sing Along!"
by RichardSlinger April 10, 2010
an increase in intensity, seriousness, or severity; act of making worse brought on by a bad connection to a gaming server.
I was playing Modern Warfare 2 last night on the XBOX360 and the other teams connections were so bad i began to get Lagrivated.

You might say i was suffering from lagrivation at how bad the connections were and how i kept getting owned by those fucking noobs and their shitty slow connections!
by RichardSlinger February 25, 2010
Typ0 (type-oh / type-zero): When a person is not your type and has ZERO chance of ever being with you.
Most people have a type when looking for a mate. Some people dont have such a concrete criteria but know who they wont be with under an circumstances, this is referred to as Typ0 or Type Zero.

Typ0 referring to someone with attributes that you cant look past even just for a quick fuck. To fat, too skinny, too old, too ugly, thin wrists, big head or some other thing about them that leaves them zero chance of getting laid.

"Dude why not just get with that girl? Hit it and forget it!"

"No way man shes a total Typ0, not even if she was the last girl on earth."
by RichardSlinger May 10, 2010
Of the genus Labia. Often referred to as "Beef Curtains" or "The Big Montana".

A worn out portion of the female genital anatomy that has grown distended from over use or misuse generally found in younger women.
Dude, i was with this girl the other night and as soon as i got her naked i couldn't do it cause she had flesh bangs and i was totally grossed out!

Flesh bangs?

Yeah, they're like beef curtains but for younger, beginner whores.
by RichardSlinger June 09, 2010
When one reaches into a nacho pile and pulls out a large clump of nachos that are stuck together by toppings.

The abnormally large conglomeration of nacho chips and toppings.

There is no specific number of nachos that comprise the NHG. NHG generally contains at least 5 nacho chips and a large portion of toppings and cheese.
I was eating nachos at Jills party the other night and I reached in and pulled out The Nacho Holy Grail!

The what?

The Nacho Holy Grail! It was like 10 nachos stuck together that formed this gigantic nacho mound! I was blessed by the nacho gods that night! Damn thing was almost as big as my plate!
by RichardSlinger August 13, 2011
Reaching into a plate of shared nachos, pulling out a large clump of nachos stuck together by toppings and using your other hand to separate them and put back part of the clumped together nachos.
Friend1, reaches in to get some nachos from a shared bowl and pulls out large clumped up pile. Then proceeds to take his other hand and begins to separate them and put some back.

Friend2 "DUDE! What the fuck are you doin?!

Friend1 "I didn't want to take that huge chunk of nachos so I broke it off and put some back.

Friend2 "Nacho faux pas my friend! You NEVER take your hand and break off the nacho holy grail and put some back! 1st nobody wants to eat something you touched with the fingers you've been licking nachoy goodness off of and 2nd, when you get the nacho holy grail you never forsake it by putting it back! You grab your plate and scoop those fuckers up! You earned it!
by RichardSlinger August 13, 2011
obvious and intentional exaggeration of ones sniping abilities in video games.
I was playin HALO 3 and I got like 8 triple headshots and never died! I pwned everyone! I was totally MLG!

Your sniperbole goes well beyond exaggeration and into big fish territory.
by richardslinger September 12, 2010
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