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4 definitions by RichardNixonRocks

Being extremely fucked, to the point where fucked is not a sufficient description of the circumstance.
Guy One: My girlfriend’s pregnant; I’m totally ass fucked.
Guy Two: If you had ass fucked you wouldn’t be in this problem
by RichardNixonRocks December 01, 2007
84 20
Mom I'd Like to Fuck Everyday.

A woman so gorgeous that the 'hit it and quit it" mentality just isn't reasonable. Used mostly by love-struck males in the 18-25 range who have become enamored with an older woman.
Guy One: Dude, that woman is such a MILF.
Guy Two: Nah man, she's a MILF-E.
G1: Huh?
G2: Mom I'd Like to Fuck Everyday. She's a keeper- I'd treat her like a princess, always making passionate love to her, like a beautiful woman deserves.
G1: Grow a dick, man.
G2: Oh, I have one. And it'd be all hers, forever...
by RichardNixonRocks May 18, 2009
37 6
When one is so desperate for a media "in" that they will go one step further than working for free- they'll pay, and pay dearly.

Antonym: unpaid internship.
Guy One: I'm doing a huffinternship at NBC.

Guy Two: How much did that set you back?

Guy One: I mortgaged my parents house.

Guy Two: Do they know?

Guy One: Nope. But there's enough left over that they can huffintern at Fox News if they want.
by RichardNixonRocks May 14, 2009
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The beer that's leftover from other people when you have a house party. An eclectic mix of brands, it may not be the best beer, but at least you didn't pay for it.
Guy One: Need me to pick up some beer for the game tonight?
Guy Two: Nah man; I'm good. I've got scavenger beer from my brother's going away party.
Guy One: Anything good?
Guy Two: No man, my bro's friends are douches. It's all Bud Light Lime and Coors.
by RichardNixonRocks January 07, 2011
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