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A man who knows 500 different ways to make love, but doesn't know any women.
The gov't. mistakenly hired a plethora of consultants to find a solution to the problem.
by Richard Kirshen October 24, 2003
The two lines and the dent formed by them, under ones nose extending to the top of the upper lip.

Son of a Bitch!! That coffee just burned the shit out of my philtrum.
by Richard Kirshen October 28, 2003
A has-been ex-baseball manager, politically connected to the current manager, who spends each game surreptitiously picking both his nose, and splinters out of his ass, with no other discernable duties.
Don Zimmer is bseball's quintesential bench coach.
by Richard Kirshen October 27, 2003
In any game of pocket billiards, when one player has "ball in hand", as a result of his opponents foul, that first player misses his ensuing shot, even though he may place the cue ball anywhere on the table that he desires.
Donny, you fucking idiot, that's another Harvy. How can you miss that fucking shot?
by Richard Kirshen November 08, 2003
The rubbery skin that forms on the top of a cup of hot cocoa after adding a dollop of cold milk.
Oh my God, mom, the oit stuck to my spoon.
by Richard Kirshen October 27, 2003

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