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A obese useless blubber bag!
Pedro rox my sox man! He threw Zimmer to the ground and he just kept bouncing and bouncing and bouncing-----
by SoxRox June 23, 2004
Can also be used as a verb meaning "to forcefully grasp an adversary's domepiece and shove them to the ground causing them to possibly roll multiple times like a fat roly-poly."
If that dude that's getting rowdy over there doesn't stand down, I might have to Don Zimmer his ass.
by SteezOrCrevice September 01, 2005
Portly fat bastard, and former assistant coach of the world's most hated team. Used as a bowling ball by the great Pedro. Looks like Jabba the Hut.
I hope I never end up looking like Don Zimmer.
by Gary April 23, 2004
Fat fuck that has do to with the New York Yankees; looks like a fat bowling ball
I fell in love with Pedro Martinez after he slammed Don Zimmer's head to the ground
by This Is Not Meg July 23, 2004
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