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17 definitions by Richard Bullard Barnes

Someone who is over paid at their job, to the point that it hurts the rest of the organization. A salary albatross.
"I can't believe the Lakers gave Kobe nearly $50 million over the next two years. He's not even playing! What a salbatross."

Other examples include a number of folks w/ corner offices, Albert Pujols, Reese Witherspoon (her films return 40 cents for every dollar she's paid), and any member of the New York Knicks 2013-14 roster.
by Richard Bullard Barnes February 19, 2014
The state of limbo at a fitness facility where you are waiting for a piece of equipment that someone else is using and you have nothing else to do.
That guy will not get off the squat rack. I've been in gymbo for 5 minutes!
by Richard Bullard Barnes October 17, 2012
A particular bum, hobo, vagrant, transient, or beggar who you've befriended or regularly donate to in your hometown.
That dude holding the "down on my luk..." sign outside the co-op is my bum chum. I'm always happy to give him some change.
by Richard Bullard Barnes October 21, 2010