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3 definitions by Richard Blade

One who you never sleep with. EVER.
Ryan: You sure we can't get together?
Jodi: We can be friends.
Ryan: A friend... right.
Ryan then proceeds to cry on the inside whilst keeping a blank expression on his face.
by Richard Blade February 03, 2009
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A popular cheat code in MANY Konami games. Often helps the player immensely except for Gradius III.
The original Konami Code makes your ship blow up in Gradius III.
by Richard Blade May 15, 2009
27 19
Setting someone on fire hoping that they'll grab something flammable and set their house on fire, thus causing you to commit murder and arson at the same time.
After Jack set Dave on fire, dave flailed about and grabbed a support beam, setting it and dave's house on fire. Dave died and his house burned to the ground. Jake was charged with Marson.
by Richard Blade January 29, 2009
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