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A southern phrase for "Did you ever?"
Jevver skip school on Friday?
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
The Mississippi Delta country where over 80% of the population is black.
When the Johnsons were transferred by Kraft Foods to manage the Uncle Ben's Rice mill at Greenville, they were shocked to find out they were a white minority and were living on afro-turf.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
In ebonics, the same as children.
Lula had to work sunrise to sunset to support her eight chirrins as she never married.
by Richard Black March 01, 2005
A bedside chamber pot.
Takeshia turned over the slop jar when she jumped out of bed this morning.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
n. kissing after a gay couple has had oral sex and the receiving partner not having swallowed so the two can savor the load.
Nick never swallowed when Kelvin came in his mouth. He believed in sharing and gave back a portion of Nick's load when he kissed him after finishing sex. At a party the other night, they found out this was called oral felching.
by Richard Black May 10, 2005
With gays, relieving the bladder during anal intercourse.
Since Tyrone drank so much beer and liked bareback anal intercourse, he was great with a golden enema.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
See dingleberry. A crust of dried human feces stuck on anal hair.
Denny Dimwit scrapped off a few dillberries, rolled them up, and flicked them at his fellow classmates.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005

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