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A hilarious prank that involves chloroform, super glue, and a Darth Maul mask. Step one: choose a victim to chloroform. Step two: chloroform dey ass. Step three: squirt the Super glue on victims face; apply liberally. Step four: place mask on victims face.

You may also choose to super glue a dual bladed lightsaber onto the victims hand.
Example 1:
Sami: Let's Darth Maul Phil this weekend.

Rich: But I don't have any chloroform.
Sami: I have some we can use!

Example 2:
Charlie: Phil called me this morning crying he was really pissed that yall Darth Mauled his ass. That wasn't cool.
Sami: shut up Charlie or I'll Darth Maul you next.
Charlie: okay I won't say anything else about it.
by Ricci_mane May 04, 2014

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