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A quiet flatulent that makes its presence known by a foul odor; "silent but deadly"
Woo, baby, you blow out another SBD on me or what? Damn!
by Ric Dog June 06, 2003
A discolored tooth
That mack must smoke like a chimley or drink a pot of coffee a day cause homie got a big ole dookie toof.
by Ric Dog June 07, 2003
Dog, I was sprayin' poot juice after eatin' all them pinto beanz.
by Ric Dog June 06, 2003
Lingering, gaseous particles that stank up a room, usually following an "SBD"SBD
Gross! I let one go and those poot atoms are kickin'.
by Ric Dog June 06, 2003
A bad case of diarrhea, where the sufferer can barely get off the stool before needing to get right back on.
Man, that #$*@ meatloaf gave my azz a major league case of da shoots.
by Ric Dog June 06, 2003
Expression to emphasize hope that something will or will not happen.
Theeit...dem jigaboos bet not mess wit my cah.
by Ric Dog June 06, 2003

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