11 definitions by Rhiana

verb. To throw something at someone, ideally a stuffed moose toy. To be used only when the person does something really annoying.
Ugh I just wanted to moose him that time when he said...
by Rhiana October 08, 2007
adj. From the German word for dark. A pet name used for your significant other.
Come here baby dunkle.
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
verb. to fake snoring so that your boyfriend/spouse/significant other will think that you are asleep and therefore will no longer have to listen to his/her rambling on about his/her horrible day.
The other night she was going on and on about something and I just couldn't help it, I just had to snorf just so make her shut up!
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
verb. A combination of friendster and facebook. Means to add someone to your friends on friendster or facebook that you haven't been in touch with for so long that you wonder if you are really still friends.
Did she really friendbook you??
by Rhiana October 07, 2007

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