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An event for which it is worthy of updating your Facebook status.
Maria: I just got a new job. I should update my Facebook status.
Alex: Yes, that is status worthy news.

Fred: I see Liam is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner according to his Facebook profile.
May: That is not status worthy. It is status abuse
by Rex Roddy April 01, 2010
To take part in the fast of Ramadan in the Muslim faith.
Amir: Do you want to go for lunch?
Fatima: No thanks, I am ramadanning.

Kevin: How long do you have to fast for Ramadan?
Tahir: Don't ask me. I stopped ramadanning as a kid. Let's go get a hamburger. I know a great place that serves halal meat.
by Rex Roddy August 24, 2010
The seat behind the driver in the car. The seat beside the driver is shotgun. The seat behind the shotgun is cobain.

Shotgun is the best seat in a car because you have a dominant position and the best view and more leg room. However, if the driver is short and has the seat pulled forward, shot bum can have more leg room than shotgun or cobain, who will be ready to blow his brains out because he has no leg room.
Bif- "Shotgun."

Skippy - "Dude, I called it like 3 minutes ago."

Bif - Okay, I want shot bum then because Kelly has the seat all the way forward.

Matt - I guess that means I get cobain
by Rex Roddy August 24, 2010
The sense of nausea, headache, panic and/or exhaustion one feels when there are too many people doing things around you while you are trying to relax.

This sensation can also be felt by the person busy in motion doing too many things at once.
Joe: Lisa, will you sit down and relax. Do you have to wrap the parcels, do laundry and cook dinner right now?

Lisa: I have to get ready for my family Christmas party.

Joe: You are giving me a case of commotion sickness

Eric: I can't even go to the shopping malls on Black Friday. It gives me commotion sickness.

Mary: I just have to get my groceries, pick up my dry cleaning, stop by the florist, meet Jane for coffee and then head across town to meet my Mother. I am starting to get commotion sickness.
by Rex Roddy January 07, 2012
The ability to drive on both sides of the road in cars with left or right hand steering.
Eric can drive in both London, England and in New York, USA. He is ambidriverous.

Lara: Do you think we can rent a car on our trip to Australia. They drive on the other side of the road.

Kevin: Sure we can. I am ambidriverous
by Rex Roddy January 07, 2012

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