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the semen that comes out of the penis about five minutes after jerking off and just annoys you by making your underpants sticky
Goddammit, I got krant on my leg again!
by Reverend Beastly December 04, 2003
Stroppy means "grumpy" and glimp means "stupid", so this would be a grumpy and stupid person.
"fcuk ya then ya stroppy glimp,i will get em of ebay then" - actual quote from original context
by Reverend Beastly April 06, 2005
One who's mouth is so frequently used for sucking penises that they can be described a "bath" for cocks, hence "cockbath."
What's up, cockbath?
by Reverend Beastly August 22, 2006
a zombie bigfoot

PL: zigfeet
There's a zigfoot over there! Holy fuck!
by Reverend Beastly October 31, 2004

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