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One who's mouth is so frequently used for sucking penises that they can be described a "bath" for cocks, hence "cockbath."
What's up, cockbath?
by Reverend Beastly August 22, 2006
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The act of cleaning your genitals in a bathroom sink (or any type of sink), after participating in a sexually activity. This activity could include masturbation as well as any other form of sex. The sink is filled with warm soapy water for which you are to dip your member for cleaning (tippy toes may be required for men of height less than 5'9). A cock bath is ideal in situations where you have no time or ability to take a full shower but require clean genitalia.

This method avoids the painstakingly long task of an actual shower, while still achieving a clean scent free genital area.
As I was leaving my side bitches house and heading for home I took a quick cock bath to avoid detection by my girlfriend.
by tndo February 19, 2015

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