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The extremely odoriferous, purulent discharge emanating from a vagina. Poon vomit is a clear indicator that the vagina is sick and requires maintenance from certified vagino-mechanic.

Signs that poon vomit are present include a foul odor similar to an open can of tuna left in a Dodge Omni in 95 degree heat for 7 days, frothy accumulation around the vaginal opening that looks Cujo wrapped in panties, and a putrid taste (if you are unlucky enough to have discovered it via oral inspection).
douPoor Mom, she must not be feeling well. She's dripping poon vomit everywhere!
by Rev. Stephen December 06, 2010
Colloquial term for someone who is obsessed with the vagina. Frequently, but not in every case, this individual is a male, and is most often in the age ranging from pubescent through the "horny old man" stage in life.

However, this term may also be used to describe a female who engages in frequent lesbian sexual encounters.
Honey, I'm sorry that I had cheated on you. I can't help it.... I'm a poonaholic, and can't control myself.
by Rev. Stephen December 06, 2010
The "style," or process of having intercourse with a lamb or adult sheep. It may also describe the act of fornicating with other similar barnyard animals, as well.

Generally, this is a derogatory phrase used to indicate that an individual, typically male, is of a very rural, "backwoods" culture or environment. It is used to indicate that an individual either has sex with the aforementioned animals, or acts as though he is having sex with them during human to human intercourse.
Your sister's dating that dude? He's so hillbilly, he'll probably screw her sheepy style!
by Rev. Stephen December 03, 2010
1. any substance or residue secreted by the vagina, resulting in an evident mark or accumulation on an object. Often the result of either discharge from a serious infection, extremely copious vaginal secretions (often during sexual arousal), or the ever popular post-coital poon goo.

2. A derogatory term for children, particularly common to denote obnoxious children, those with numerous siblings, or a welfare baby.
1. "Man, that ho is so horny, she's leaving twat droppings everywhere she sits!"

2. "I hate them women that tote their screaming twat droppings with them everywhere... don't those damned kids ever shut up?"
by Rev. Stephen December 07, 2010
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