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To whimper, as a complaining child; To whine.
1. "Don't be a puler," said the body modification artist as he aimed a piercing gun at my face.
2. "The more you pule, the more i'll make it hurt," said my urologist
3. "Puling is for babies," my girlfriend said as she slapped me.
by Reuben Cohn May 18, 2004
A term coined by FoxNews' Bill O'Reilly to describe liberals in a negative way as a means to perpetuate the conservative myth that all liberals are evil and want to destroy America as we know it.

A thinly veiled attempt to further divide our country in a time of national crisis in order to solidify the conservative base of "Traditionalists" as described by Mr. O'Reilly.
"Some say Secular Progressives want to ban Christmas, tell us why this will hurt the democrats"

"My boss at FoxNews wants me to tell you why Secular Progressives want Saddama Bin Laden back in power in Iraqistan, so let's get started..."
by Reuben Cohn October 23, 2006
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