12 definitions by Reuben

A wierd guy who talks using random sentences, often found playing UniBall
"STFU Falmarin, you are a loser"
by ReubeN September 03, 2004
An mildly offensive word used in conversations to replace such words as 'shit' etc...
"That Mr. Smith teacher, he's a bloody punce!"


"Those blokes outside the resteraunt are punces for looking at us like that!"
by Reuben December 21, 2003
An extremely overly obese person
U call some one a "Ferberfer"
by Reuben September 30, 2003
London Australian slang for the Slug and Lettuce. A popular chain bar, esp. with those of the antipodean persuasion.
"Feel like getting pissed. Whatdyareckon?"
"yeah. slut and legless."
by reuben February 15, 2004
An male Australian with nothing better to do than sit and drink beer
"That bloke doesnt know what in the hell he's doin Bob!"
by Reuben December 23, 2003

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