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3 definitions by RetroThis

a calendar of events, directions and everything inbetween of where to go, what to see, atms, strip clubs planning out events with the guys.

usually given list to designated driver/sober friend leading the outing
for those gentlemen who need a little help remembering to shit shower and shave
also great for outting with the guys especially when visiting a new locale finding hotspots, pubs, sports, women
where we going next? who's got the guytinerary?
by RetroThis February 15, 2012
a womans unwashed pussy
one who doesnt douche the vaginal hole
i would have went down on your girl but she's suffering from muff stank and i could hardly breathe
by RetroThis February 23, 2012
when rushing into the public restroom in a mall, sports stadium etc to piss wicked bad, while pissing/pooing u notice ur shoelace is untied and dragging all over the floor, even stepping on it.
one does not tie a poo lace in fear of pee and fecal matter, one discards poo lace
by RetroThis February 15, 2012