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5 definitions by Retrix

Providing handjobs to multiple males simultaneously.
The Catholic school girl invited all her guy friends over and demonstrated her affinity for juggling sausage.
by Retrix November 03, 2010
30 5
The entrance to your ass
Retrofit the pudding hatch with the boink swatter -Bloodhound Gang
by Retrix July 01, 2009
43 20
To insert a penis into a vagina
I'm going to bury the sausage tonight!
by Retrix February 23, 2010
29 7
Something that's just too damn funny
Did you see that dramatic squirrel video? It was hifuckinglarious!
by Retrix November 03, 2010
16 1
A resident of the state of Indiana that is ugly in a uniquely "Indiana-way". Causes of Indiana-ugly are unknown, but it is observed that most residents suffer from this syndrome and is likely a result of generations of inbreeding.
I stopped at a gas station on the toll road and got a sample of Indiana-ugly. My eyes started to bleed.
by Retrix July 15, 2009
34 55