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The overwhelming rage created by seeing images of, or hearing sound bites from, the politician Newt Gingrich
Officer - "So why did you kill him?"

Mr. X - "Honestly Officer, I was so overwhelmed with Gingrage after being pummeled by Newt Gingrich ads over and over and over on TV and radio that I must have blacked out while I was strangling that stranger!"
by Retorter January 19, 2012
The process of reaching down into your pants at socially vulnerable times to properly arrange the penis and / or scrotum, for males, or the labia, for women, to accommodate your current physical positioning.
He: "Sorry dudes, ya might wanna look away - I gotta junk dive and set my sac back in place."

She: "Sorry girls, look away, the lips are loose - I gotta go junk diving."
by Retorter January 26, 2012

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