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Otherwise known as
hey valentine's day is comin' up.
"Don't you mean single's awareness day?" Yeh....
by RetfirDMX March 04, 2008
2010 car made by Hyundai
base model has 210-225 hp turbocharged 4 cylinder engine
starting at 22k for the base and 23k for the base r-spec

v6 model has 305-315 hp NA engine
starts at 24k

all genesis coupes have RWD, available 6 speed transmission (standard on most)
19 inch wheels, option of brembo brakes, all season or summer tires.

Rhys millen chose the 2010 hyundai genesis to be the red bull drift car, and modified it to 500 hp and replaced most of the outer panels with carbon fiber. HKS is currently working on making products for this car.
the genesis coupe is coming soon, get ready for the re-emergence of the lightweight rwd coupe. the like of this have not been seen since the end of the production of the S15
by RetfirDMX February 14, 2009
person who practices the religion of being stupid/retarded
OH god...we got another reetom in this class.
it'll be like relearning kindergarden all over again
by RetfirDMX March 04, 2008
Car produced by toyota.
twin turbo 4th generation version pulls 320 horsepower and 315 lb/ft of torque unmodified

N/A 4th generation pulls 220 horsepower and 210 lb/ft of torque unmodified

stock Twin turbo 1/4 mile times: 13.1 seconds
stock twin turbo 0-60mph time: 4.6 seconds

0.95 lateral g's on skidpad
149 feet stopping distance

one of toyota's halo cars

no longer in production
Lexus ISF is toyota's only current high-performance vehicle
Back in 1997, you could buy a Supra Mark IV at the dealership, and they're pretty good for their money
by RetfirDMX February 14, 2009
The belief that being retarded is cool
Dude, you are soo *VVVVVVVVVVVTTTTTTT* (trying to imitate a vacuum cleaner) <---this dude obviously can't dis. he was trying to say someone is gay, but ended up looking gay. So he practices reetomism
by RetfirDMX March 17, 2008

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