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(Spih-coh-lee stoh-kt)
adjective, slang:

A heightened state of stoked only capable via channeling the spirit of The Great Jeff Spicoli. An almost zen-like enthusiastic or exhilarated state, with varying degrees of awareness of the dichotomy. Scholars maintain there is no level of stoked greater or bearing more gravitas than Spicoli Stoked.
Scott: What did you think of the Somewhere Back In Time Tour?

Charlie: Oh man, Maiden played so many songs I've always wanted to hear! Dude, they even recreated the '87 World Slavery Tour stage! I was Spicoli Stoked, bro!
by Retard Yoke June 25, 2009
(tə bəu) (dōōsh) - Noun: The penultimate douchebag; aggressive in their quest to outdo other douchbags in their douchebaggery. See: Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, their fans, et alia.

Only surpassed in douchebaggery by the older, more experienced douchebags: The Biggest Douche In the Universe.
Jean: Did you see that Justin Bieber is yet again regaling us with his exploits?

Jeannie: What a fucking turbodouche.
by Retard Yoke November 22, 2014
n. uh-sert-see-eyts; ə-surt-sēē-āts

A portmanteau of associates degree and certification, reflecting those who have skipped college and instead achieved certifications. Also reflects an increase in employment requirements for certifications that either replace or supplement a degree.
John: How did you get this job? Did you have the experience or did you get a CS degree?
Jane: I skipped college and got my Cisco ascertciates.

John: What degree did you need for this job?
Jane: I needed more than just my bachelors, because those assclowns in HR insisted I get my Linux ascertciates!
by Retard Yoke June 05, 2013
skang-kuhl: Any cheap, generic tattoo on or around the ankle. A close relative of the tramp stamp.
Amy: Did you see that kanji tattoo Brittney got on her ankle?

Dave: Total skankle.

Amy: Goes perfect with her tramp stamp.

Dave: Sure does.
by Retard Yoke September 01, 2009
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