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Some rich bitch that has hot as fuck model girlfriends and is ugly as sin. That fucker could take that whack ass hair of his, cut that off, and then the hair its so popular, it could probably have its own lil gay ass reality show....the apprentice sucks
The Apprentice, Donald Trumps show, is worse than watching the fuckin OC
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh November 15, 2004
A city in Maine. Probably named by some dude that hated life.
Guy 1: soo where do you live?

Hot chick: In Hell.

Guy 1: Uhh...wanna cyber?
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh December 28, 2004
when your balls stick to the side of your leg, because of sweat.
guy 1: dude im stuttin like hell.

guy 2: what the fuck?

guy 1: basically my balls are stuck to the side of my leg.

guys 2: wow...that blows.
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh February 17, 2005
a code word that guys use to let them know they have some booger hanging from their nose...especially around chicks.
Guy 1 talking to chick: hey

Guy 2: dude, schnoodle

Guy 1: *sniff*
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh January 22, 2005

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