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When a guy and girl hook up but there's no emotional attachment on his part, so he may as well be using his hand, but is too lazy/ it feels better with the ho.
Ben: "Hey Nick, are you and Sarah together now?"
Nick: "Nahh mate, she was just a twat wank if I'm honest..."


"I'm so f**king horny, but I cba to DIY...I'm gonna call Molly for a twat wank"
#twat #wank #ho #hook up #horny
by RepisShredders April 16, 2010
Like cankles, but with Wrists and Hands.
"Woah... look at her big ol' fat hands... they're wands if I've ever seen then!"
#wrands #wrand #cankles #wrist #hand
by RepisShredders April 20, 2010
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