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Being lollafied describes the state of exhaustion after having a good and funny time with some other chatters. Getting lollafied is mostly compareable to get satisfied but is only reffering to laughing.
1. When i left the chat i felt totally lollafied.
2. Their jokes lollafied me so much.
3. The best satisfaction he ever gave me, was to get lollafied.
4. I am so lollafied that i need a smoke now.
by RemusL April 03, 2013
A person that is stuck in a MMORPG-World and has lost the connection to their real life. The virtual world becomes a unhealthy full replacement for a functional and healthy social life.
After a while of playing this game he became a total Zombit.
by RemusL March 26, 2013
A odd and boring behave of old friends you havent seen for long. They seem to be stuck in the daily routine like robots. There is no change or improvement by thirdparty influence.
I have meet Steve at the party after a long time. But he seemed pretty stepfordish when he told about his life.
by RemusL March 26, 2013
A two-armed man hanging off a cliff with itchy balls but to weak to use one hand to scratch.
Steve was simply agonish while attempting mountain climbing.
by RemusL October 10, 2013
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