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4 definitions by Reject of the Earth

The loud thumping undertones in most music that isn't crap which tends to shake the walls when played at an extremely high volume and will definitely piss your hallmates off.
Devil of Westchester: Baby could you turn down your bass?
Retard: You wanna do it?
by Reject of the Earth August 06, 2005
A place to store items
The girls bathroom is not a respository for dirty socks. thanks, facilities
by Reject of the Earth August 06, 2005
Words that you fuck up cuz you're too high to pronunciate them correctly when you're high and that make sense only to you.
Retard: Let's make word ass...sub...maries
J-Dawg: Hwta?
by Reject of the Earth August 06, 2005
A mixture of debris and burrito, can sometimes be served at crappy mexican places, like salsaritas
Can I please get the chicken debrrito?

I feel kind of sick from this debrrito.

Do not use the bathroom for ten to fifteen minutes, i just debrritoed.
by Reject of the earth January 10, 2010