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2 definitions by Reindizzle

To be spacially active is to be active in posting status updates on myspace
GIRL 1: I am spacially active.
GIRL 2: OK cool. I'll look you up (on myspace).
by Reindizzle May 04, 2010
Becoming FACIALLY ACTIVE is to open a face book account and begin to stream post about your life on a personal leval to all your friends who don't care (but act like they do). Or, if you have a face book but are not an active poster, and have now become borred with your life and you've begun to post update you are now FACIALLY ACTIVE (my congrats)!
Girl 1: "You rarely post shit on your facebook"
Girl 2: "I know I need to be more facially active"


Girl 1: "fuck Jake is always posting new status updates on facebook"
Girl 2: "Yeah, he's way to facially active"
by Reindizzle May 04, 2010