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Roting is a stoner slang form of the word Rotating aptly named for the "spinning" sensation inebriation can cause. Also known as Rotin' or just Rotating. Places of origin: British Columbia, Canada. A dance move, called the rotate (where one makes vertical rotation movements with both hands while rotating in a circle) has stemmed from this term. "Do the rotate, do the rotate!"
"Man, I was so rotin' last night."
by Reid October 15, 2004
reid a lil boy you sits in his room and masterbates all day long with his lube jar
by reid January 21, 2003
Someone who is cool and good looking, for a comparison see brad pitt, and that will tell you all you need to know, steven is jealous. and he will NOT pass the AP test cause I didn't and he copied off of me.
brad pitt.
by Reid May 19, 2003
a glorious emo band from jupiter florida
dude did you check out lost remainder the other night they were nuts
by reid February 13, 2005
To be in strong agreement with. Syn; Straight Up, Fo Sheezy
"Man dat girl got some junk." "Chal Chal Chal"
by reid March 09, 2003
Fist in Mouth Material--FIM, the action of placing your entire fist in your mouth to prevent uncontrollable spasms of laughter.
Girl on the beach: Have you ever smoked mothballs.
Kevin: Not so much
Girl: I like your hair, not that it means anything, you have a gorgeous face, not that it means anything, and you're all like "Feck off" not that it means anything, I mean, not that it means anything...
Reid: FIM!!!
Kevin: places fist in mouth
by Reid October 17, 2004
a basic labeling for anyone who is either retarded from the night before, or won't stop talking to the point where you break their teeth. or a kid who's on too much adderall
"you cracked out little bitch"
"he's so cracked out"
by reid February 13, 2005
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