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A toilet full of long thin turds.
"duuuuude, I just made the biggest basket of snakes!"

"I'm sick of these mutha fuckin' snakes in this mutha fuckin' basket!!!" - Samuel L. Jackson.
by Reggie and Ramone August 18, 2006
Butt mites are annoying little creatures that reside in the sweaty ass cracks of overweight bull dykes and republicans. They are known to feast on butthairs as well as the occasional pube or two if feeling adventerous enough.
"Dude, you can see the butt mites crawling out of that skanks shorts. ...I just threw up a little."
by Reggie and Ramone August 17, 2006
An excerpt from the Scruf Handbook: Page 33, paragraph 4.

A slab of metal placed over the butt region to protect you from unwanted gaybee attacks. When the faggy attacker attempts to shove his fag stick in your butthole a loud "gong" sound can be heard as his dick crumbles against the steel. And now that fag is gonna get beatdown.
<gong!!!> "ohhh, your fuckin' dead now! My buttplate saved my browneye from gettin' gayified. YDB."
by Reggie and Ramone August 16, 2006
A gay-ass term used by surfer fags who think they are tough. Little do they realize that they are probably the biggest pussies known to man and hopefully more sharks start treating them like a ham sandwich. ....like that girl who got her arm bit off. lol
"heyyyyy bra!!! you stole my wave, mannnnn...thats not cool duuude. I'm gonna give him the stink eye...oh fuck...AHH A SHARK BIT MY LEG OFF AHHH AHHH!!!"
by Reggie and Ramone August 17, 2006

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