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(1) And god said on the four day, let there be breaded deep fried balls of chicken, and there were....and they were good.
(2) I love chinese food....it always puts in a good mood
(3) if it ain't breaded and deep fried, then it ain't chinese food
(4) Getting some chinese poontang
"I could go for some chinese food. I'll have a 4, 45, and a 84 please"

"Where's all the chicken in these addictive greasy balls?"

"Damn that girl looks good, i needs to get me some of that chinese food!"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
Import car owners who add a 2 foot spoiler, a one inch ground clearance kit, a large tin can to the exhaust (which sounds like a go-cart) system and place chinese and japenese characters all over the car hoping it will travel faster. They think they have race cars. Very often found around chinese food places. Despite what may be thought, the only threat is their driving skill on the road and trying to navigate around them. Also believed to race sometimes, but never winning, even to a 1981 dodge omni
"hey ming-mong, my yerrow stickels can take his olange paint in a lace anyday, now let's go for some sushi and kaleoki"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
Peoples whom burgle words
"I'm the word burgler, i burgle words"
by Reggie Regg December 21, 2003
n. a person or sheep, that gobbles down cock

also see have you seen my turkey?
Gobble, gobble, gobble
by Reggie Regg November 24, 2003
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