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a device designed to release only THC from marijuana.
that vaporizer got me so stoned.
by Reef May 30, 2003
any situation that is dangerous or threathens your life.
Pipline is looking total deathgnar brah.
by Reef May 30, 2003
a discription of the size of a wave for surfing.
brah, get your dick out of that girls ass, we got glassy double over head and no wind (pop).
by Reef May 30, 2003
a hazing tradition practiced by frat boys and high school seniors where the older member stips the pledge and spray paints his penis red
dude did you hear they gave jason a red pecker?, then he burnt his penis in paint thinner
by Reef May 30, 2003
a pepsi product that calls itself mountain dew but in fact is plain orange soada.
I was stoked for the new mountain dew that is only released in the summer time, but then got pissed off that it was just plain orange soda.
by Reef May 30, 2003

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