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A slang term for the Clitoral-Hood, in which the clit hides, untill the girl is sexually stimulated.
Man, that girl last night, just wouldn't let her clit out of the clit cave
by Redwings Addict July 23, 2008
Slang term for the lettice on the food at Taco Bell, burger joints...
Taco Bell Operator: "Welcome to Taco Bell, May I take you order?
Customer: Yeah uh, three soft tacos, with double beef, and no rabbits food!
by Redwings Addict April 22, 2008
When a girl shaves her "Bush", then neglects to keep it trimed, so it ends up with prickly stubble... She's got a "Pricker Bush".
That girl I had last night forgott to shave her pricker bush! It felt like I was lickin' and fuckin' a cactus!!!
by Redwings Addict September 21, 2009
A fun slang term for a girls hard errect clitorus.
Hey baby, I wanna suck your pussy nipple!
by Redwings Addict January 16, 2009
To hate someone or something with a passion, to the point of feeling sick when it or they near...

To show invollentary physical signs(shuddering, cringing, face or body twitching, eyes-rolling) of hate towards an Item or Person when it nears.
That person that makes you cringe at first sight... you're mentally allergic to them.

That country music singer's voice that sickens you at first sound... You're mentally allergic to it.

That certain food that the sight/smell/taste of makes you wanna puke... you may not be physically allergic to it, but you are mentally allergic to it!!!

Cool guy: standin' chillin.
Village idiot: "hey dude, What's up?"
Cool guy: Shuddering, body shaking, green in the face, "get away from me!"
Village idiot: "what's wrong?"
Cool guy: "I'm mentally allergic to you!"
by Redwings Addict June 03, 2009
A person who sits at the movies or in home watching a movie, and feels the need to describe every thing happening in the movie, as if they are sitting there Narrating for a blind person.
"They just entered the house, they're walking down the hallway, no sign of the bad guy yet. OMG, the bad guy just jumped out of the closet!"

Anoyed person:
"Would you stop being such an Obsessive Compulsive Narrator?! We have eyes of our own, we can see for our selves!"
by Redwings Addict February 05, 2010
To be agitated by something only a female would do!
Cell phone rings...
Man 1: Hello
Man 2: hey dude, what us!
Man 1: I'm waiting for "Female" to get ready so we can go out!
Man 2: oh shit, that's gotta suck!
Man 1: I've never been so "vagitated" in my life!
Man 2: I feel your pain man!
by Redwings Addict January 19, 2009

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