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A student that goes to Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois. They are usually sleep deprived, functioning on coffee, sweat, blood and tears. They are characterized by their hard work ethic, their sense of responsibility, their Catholic morality and also for the amount of pot they can smoke without repercussion. They are easily recognizable because of their kicky uniforms, featuring ties for the gentlemen and sassy plaid mini-skirts for the ladies. Most Benetians do not live in reality. Rather, they live in a parallel world where there is no diversity, the number of beautiful white people with expensive cars and designer handbags is endless, golden retrievers run free and ten page AP papers can be written and completed the night before they are due. Benetians are very close to one another, and for the most part function as a fairly close knit community. Benetians are the best, fool.
The gorgeous 17 year old driving a brand new BMW is a Benetian.
The girls in Starbucks after school in uniform skirts are Benetians.
The hilarious teenagers causing trouble in Omega are Benetians.
by Redwing January 21, 2006
To go without wearing underwear. As a long-standing tradition, some theater Benetians will go without underwear on closing night of a performance, going "commando".
"Are you going commando?"
"In this rented costume? No way!"
by Redwing April 15, 2006

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