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2 definitions by Redoubt

Tea, NATO standard.
This is simply a way of saying Tea, White (milk) and two sugars.
"Hot drink, Sir?"
"T-NATO please"
by Redoubt January 20, 2008
5 1
Someone who wants to get stuck in to something new, but often goes wrong due to a lack of experience. Alternatively, those already involved may fear the enthusiasm and nerve of the 'Keeno' and try to curb this quality.
Essentially someone who is noticeably enthusiastic, sometimes erroneously, sometimes excessively.
That guy is such a Keeno.
Yeah, totally - he just won't stop trying.
He should just chill out and relax, go with the flow.
Yeah, too right. Though sometimes, I wish I'd done more when I had the chance.
by Redoubt January 09, 2008
18 20