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To describe person on the internet who often participates in the most banal arguments.

Argumerry because it's like watching a merry go round, the argument/debate continuously coming back to the same exasperated points.

Commonly found on popular websites where anybody can leave messages, with conflict arising over the most nonsensical of things.
The two argumerry assholes debated for 2 pages on a forum about who would win in a fight between Ali and Marciano. The rest of the forum wanted to give them a lynching.
by Redlineonhill February 14, 2008
To be caught up in the awkward situation of insulting somebody's mother, the mistake being that she's (supposedly) deceased.

Those seconds that follow the person's remark of their mother being dead are what define the word.

Act commonly consists of the person retracting their statement as a precautionary measure.
1: "My mum used to buy me Pop-Tarts
2: "Your mum is a Pop-Tart"
1: "My mum's dead."
2: "Oh. Mumistake. I didn't mean to... you sure she's dead?"
1: "No! Dick!"

1: "My mum used to buy me Pop-Tarts"
2: "Your mum is a Pop-Tart"
1: "My mum's dead."
2: "Oh. Mumistake. I didn't mean to... you sure she's dead?"
1: "Yes. I'm going home to cry myself to sleep."
by Redlineonhill February 12, 2008
A stupid woman that harbours feminist views. Generally found to be upset because they've been upstaged by somebody of the opposite sex.

Can't help themselves from droning into long rants about womens rights, the importance of equality, etc.

Usually stupid because they don't even know what they are talking about, just relaying something that they might possibly have heard Rosie O'Donnell say.

Alternatively, stupid because they think people actually care. Recognise that they're perhaps not cut out for some stations in life, but will still jump on the ethical bandwagon and shout their views from the rooftops.
1: "Did you see that awesome scene at the start of the Boondock Saints where he nails the feminist bull dyke? It's hellza insane."
2: "Awww, I'd love to see that!"
Duhyke: "I think you'll find that women's rights are of grand importance. In the early 18th Century..."
2 - *Crack*
1: "Nice shot."
2: "Thanks.
by Redlineonhill February 14, 2008
To show your displeasure at somebody who drives too close to your rear by labelling them an 'anal driver'.

Used by any douche nozzle who is in the slightest proud of their dangerous style of driving.
1: "Uh-oh. We have an anal driver. He's probably fulfilling his ambition of fucking another dude up the ass by getting close in his penis extension Porsche"
2: "Word"

1: "Hey, baby. Watch me anally drive this inferior human in front. I'm so hard right now... for speed!"
by redlineonhill February 23, 2008
A name for a popular type of sweet in Britain, Jelly Baby can also be used to describe fat children.

A Jelly Baby is the type of child that always used to feature on American talk shows. The kid would be clearly obese, have a rolled up face because of fat stored there, and the mother will always have a bag of cheesy curls to appease the child's demanding belly.
Man 1: "Hey, you see that jelly baby sitting over there?"
Man 2: "Yeah."
Man 1: "I dare you to give it some of your ice cream"
Man 2: "Dude, we're at the Zoo! You're not supposed to feed the jelly babies."
by Redlineonhill February 10, 2008

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