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The ability of a woman to fake an orgasm without her partner knowing. Or the amount of prior knowledge a person has about certain symptoms and therefore they have the ability to fake a medical or mental problem.
Man, Sally has fakeability, did you see her in the movie when Harry met Sally?
by Reddeb February 12, 2011
Is the current or popular action or belief of an individual or group that is self-delusional or in denial.
An individual's personal ideation of an incorrect concept for today.
Something you are fooling yourself about right now.
An incorrect belief that is on the menu for today.
Sarah's latest boyfriend is her new delusion-du-jour, she is in denial of all of his faults.
by Reddeb January 31, 2011
descriptive word for the feeling one gets after a date with person one is attracted too but that person is obviously not attracted to you.
Yeah, after he dropped me at my door with no kiss I ate a whole pint of Cherry Garcia in fusteration.
by Reddeb December 10, 2010
Is when a group of nerds get together for any kind of convention or party.

A hot group of A-list nerds hanging out.
Hey Jane, I just got invited to a Star Trek convention and a renaissance fair on the same weekend! Which nerdorgy should I go to?
by Reddeb March 04, 2011

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