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20 definitions by RedBlade7

"Religious Right Republican." Sometimes "Religious Right Republifuck." Sometimes, the phrase "RRR cult" is used.
George W. Bush is a member of the RRR cult!
by RedBlade7 March 30, 2008
16 19
A derogatory term used as an insult to Linux users. Often said by Windows users (see "wintroll").
Linuxfux are stupid. I can't get this operating system to work.
by RedBlade7 December 07, 2007
9 12
Legend has it that in the World of Warcraft], there exists an Orcish Dominatrix]. Better not cross her path! They say that those who went searching for her have never returned.
On your knees!...(whack)...PWNED!!!
by RedBlade7 March 26, 2008
6 12
(also "deez nuts") A common phrase found as graffiti everywhere. Appears to have originated from a rap song in 1992.
An example of the phrase "deez nutz:"


graffiti'ed on a wall
by RedBlade7 December 07, 2007
15 21
Usually a synonym for "piece of ass" or another similar sexual phrase. The world may never know what "poon tang" means.
"I need some sweet poon tang!"
by RedBlade7 December 07, 2007
20 29
A popular Adult Swim cartoon show that only makes sense if you are really tired and you watch it really late at night.
(When watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force late at night): What the hell is going on here? This is funny! (laughing)

(When watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force during the day): What the fuck is this crap? How could anyone find this shit funny? It makes no sense whatsoever!
by RedBlade7 April 02, 2008
17 40