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1. Diarrhea
2. Light beer
3. All of the above
Bartender, can I order a bottle of Ass Piss?
by RedBlade7 March 31, 2008
A lunch box consisting of one or more of the following: fish (such as tuna and clams), tacos, muffins, and the occasional milk.
It's lunch time! Let's go to the cafeteria and have some Box Lunch!
by RedBlade7 March 26, 2008
Describes how films like Star Wars forever ruined special effects. This is because the films were so "perfect" in their special effects.
(Grandpa, referring to the Star Wars Effect) When I was your age, the best special effects we had were in King Kong. Now, with all your newfangled "Star Wars" movies, it's just looks too real.
by RedBlade7 March 26, 2008
A common misspelling of "the," often used on purpose for a joke. It is frequently applied to "teh goatse man." Also, "this is teh suck" is often used instead of the dated (1990s) "this sucks."
1. "teh goatse man"
by RedBlade7 December 07, 2007
A type of fatty food which, due to the time it takes to make it, only exists for personal convenience. The only people who like fast food are children.
(Scenario 1)
1: I am in a rush, will have to pick up some fast food on the way there for lunch.
2: Okay.

(Scenario 2)
3: I want some fast food!
4: Why?
3: Because it tastes good!
4: Ugh? How old are you?
by RedBlade7 April 07, 2008
An online slang dictionary where every word means (or has something to do with) a pussy.
1: What is the Scientific Method?
2: Let's look it up on Urban Dictionary!
1: According to Urban Dictionary, the "Scientific Method" is the method in which a man eats pussy in a scientific way.
by RedBlade7 March 27, 2008
"Religious Right Republican." Sometimes "Religious Right Republifuck." Sometimes, the phrase "RRR cult" is used.
George W. Bush is a member of the RRR cult!
by RedBlade7 March 30, 2008

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