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Cunningfigjamologist: The combination of the word "cunning" and the australian slang word "Figjam" (Figjam : "F*ck I'm good; just ask me". Nickname for people who have a high opinion of themselves".).

A cunningfigjamologist is a person so clever in their understanding of cunning tactics, behaviour, influence, control of others/situations are wildly beyond the comprehension of the rest of the human race.

This extraordinary ability to be 50 steps ahead of “a lesser man” (everyone else), results in huge self esteem (which is of course, perfect for massaging the ego) and lets the Cunningfigjamologist improve and improve in an endless explosion of evolution.

However, take heed! A darker Cunningfigjamologist will usually uses this ability for their own personal amusement.
When a Cunningfigjamologist does things right, people wont be sure they have done anything at all.
by Red Sonia May 19, 2011
Amidst the never ending display of lamer and lamer of desperate attempts to produce "music" that emerges in todays society.

Occasionally an oasis emerges from the desert of shameful and vulger mainstream dross is released that has a catchy beat and makes you move with out realising..

This tune is then deemed "Bop-worthy" as it is good for nothing more.
Bill: Man, this tune is pretty awful!

Ted: Yeah but its pretty bop-worthy...

Bill: Shut your hole Ted!
by Red Sonia April 13, 2010

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