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Considered the top most difficult sport in existence. The crew , or rowers, commit themselves day after day (sometimes before school in the morning or during school vacations twice a day)in order to achieve top physical condition. Pre-season training consists of resistance training, running, and the oh so beloved erg. An erg is a device that is synonomous with torture and causes immense pain due to the lactic acid build up in the muscles. Some say, "You havn't experienced pain until you've sprinted the last 500 meters." On this machine, some pull so hard as to vomit, pass out, or find themselves unable to walk afterwards. Once race season begins, the crews race in elongated boats consisting of 1, 2, 4, or 8 person boats. Races are generally 1500-6000 meters long, yet only last a matter of minutes. The tremendous exertion of energy from the crew leaves them completely exausted at the end of the race. CREW IS FOR REAL ATHLETES, nuff said.
"I can't drink tonight, i have a regatta in the morning"

"Fuck, we have 2k's today"

"Real athletes row. Others just play games."

"Gang, set"

"Haha, you play soccer and baseball? Pussy, I do Crew"
by Recks March 31, 2007

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